1. What are cookies?

The AI STYLE BY DNA, SL webpage, and the Style DNA mobile application (together referred to as the Platform or the Service) use cookies and other functionality files.

Cookies are small data files that are sent to the user’s computer, mobile telephone or other access device when they visit a web page or mobile application, and which make it possible to obtain information on their browsing habits via a code that can univocally identify the user. When you browse a website, session cookies and persistent cookies are used. These may be own or third-party cookies.

Session cookies are designed to gather and store data while users access a webpage or mobile application. They are usually used to store information that is only kept for rendering the service requested by the user on one single occasion.

Persistent cookies are a type of cookie where the data remains stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a defined period of time by the party responsible for the cookie, with said time period ranging from a few minutes to a few years.
2. Types of cookies and purposes

Cookies can be:
OWN COOKIES: These are created or managed by the party responsible for the accessed webpage.
THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: Those administered by the entities that render technical, analysis, customization, advertising and behavioral advertising services outside AI STYLE BY DNA, SL.
Depending on the purpose for which the information is collected, cookies may be:
Technical cookies: These allow you to browse a web page and use the or service provided. They enable us, for example, to control traffic and data communication, identify you during the session, give you access to restricted sites and use security elements while navigating the platform.
Personalization cookies: These allow you specify or personalize some characteristics of the website. For example, they may enable language selection, personalizing wallpaper, saving your favorite items and optimization for the browser you are using.
Analytics cookies: These allow us track and analyze the different habits of our users in order to introduce amendments and improvements according to the data we gather.
Advertising cookies: These enable efficient management of the advertising spaces on the website, application or platform on which the requested service is provided, based on criteria such as the published content or the frequency with which adverts are shown.
Performance cookies: These cookies store information about user behavior obtained via continuous monitoring of browsing habits, enabling development of a specific, based on which users can be shown personalized advertising.
Affiliate cookies: These allow tracking of visits from other websites with which the website has an established affiliation contract.
Social (plug-in) content sharing cookies: These are cookies that website operators can integrate into their platforms to make it easier, especially for users of social networks, for users to share content with their online networks (and propose other similar features like posting comments).
3. What kind of cookies do we use?

We take your privacy seriously, so we use only the cookies are necessary in order to ensure good navigation of the Platform. To do so, we use only session and third-party cookies. These cookies allow us to store and access information about your preferred language, the type of browser used, and other general characteristics predefined by you. They also enable us to track and analyze the activities carried out on the Platform, in order to improve our services, making them more efficient and personalized. The cookies we use are temporary, with the sole purpose of giving you a better experience. In no case do these cookies provide or collect any personal data beyond what is described here. The use of cookies offer advantages such as:
-  Facilitating your navigation of and access to the different services offered by the Website;
-  Preventing you from having to configure the predefined general characteristics each time you use the Service; and
-  Improving the functionality of the services provided through analysis of the information obtained through the installed cookies.
Social media cookies may be installed on various sections of our Service, in particular on the following:
Twitter cookie, according to the provisions of Twitter’s privacy and cookie policy. More information.
Facebook cookie, according to the provisions of Facebook’s cookie policy. More information.
LinkedIn cookie, according to the provisions of LinkedIn’s page on the use of cookies. More information.
Google+, YouTube and Google Maps cookie, according to Google’s cookie policy. More information.
Adobe analytics or adobe target. More information.
Pinterest. More information
Below is a list of the different cookies that may be installed to your device:
You have control over which cookies you receive: below is information on how you can select which cookies you do or do not want installed. Please note that disabling cookies will limit your experience of the Platform.

You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies through your web browser, in the ‘Options’ section of the web browser you are using, or by opting out via the links provided by the third parties whose cookies are installed on this Website:
· Adobe Analytics:
· Google:
· Google (behavioral advertising cookies):
4. How can I deactivate or eliminate cookies?

Most web browsers allow user preferences on the use of cookies to be managed at all times. You can adjust your browser to reject cookies or to eliminate certain cookies, depending on your preferences.
To change your cookie preferences, you can access:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so we cannot guarantee that they comply fully with your browser version. It may also be that you use another browser, which is not included among these links, such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To avoid mismatches, you can directly access cookie preferences from within your browser, usually in the 'Options' menu within the 'Privacy' section. (Please see the Help section of your browser for more information).
You can revoke your consent to use of cookies while using your browser by following the indications above.
You must take into account that some content features on the web page and the Style DNA mobile application are only available if cookies are accepted on your browser. If you decide to accept or block certain cookies (depending on their purpose), this may affect, either wholly or partially, the normal operation of the web page or prevent access to some services.
5. Updates and changes to the Cookies policy

AI STYLE BY DNA, SL can modify this Cookies Policy according to new legislative and regulatory demands, or in order to adapt the policy to comply with the instructions of Data Protection Authorities.
Users will be notified of any significant changes made to this Cookie Policy via a notification on the webpage.
6. Legal background

This website and its texts have been created in accordance with EU regulations that govern the use of cookies in relation to the provisions on electronic communications services set out by DIRECTIVE 2009/136/EC OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL OF 25 NOVEMBER 2009. For this reason, we informed you about the cookies that are used on the website of Style DNA (also the provider) and the reason for its use. Likewise, you are hereby informed that by pushing “ACCEPT AND KEEP BROWSING” you are giving your express consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the above policy.