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How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

Did you know that hourglass body shape is the rarest body shape of all? Beauties with the hourglass figure have a balanced silhouette where the shoulders are as broad (or as petite) as the hips, and both of these features are separated by an elegant defined waist. The balanced proportions nature of the hourglass body […]

Triangle body shape – Complete Style Guide

Triangle body shape, also known as the “pear body shape” , is one of the most common body types out there! Its most striking feature is the beautiful, curvy hipline that is visually broader than the shoulders. Today we’ll be exploring the top tips and tricks that will help you to build your dream wardrobe […]

Rectangle Body Shape: Complete Style Guide

Did you know that rectangle body shape is one of the most popular among the runway models? (it’s not right, runway models have inverted triangle) hat’s more, it’s one of the most common body shapes out there. Ready to take your place on the pedestal right near Gisele Bündchen?   Celebrities with Rectangle body type […]

Inverted Triangle Body Shape: a Complete Style Guide

Inverted triangle body shape boasts unique, athletic features with gorgeous curves in the upper body. So how about we go over a little wardrobe guide to make any fashion season your season? But first, let’s cover some basics.   Celebrities with Inverted Triangle Body Shape   Here are some famous people with the inverted triangle […]