Inverted Triangle Body Shape: a Complete Style Guide

Inverted triangle body shape boasts unique, athletic features with gorgeous curves in the upper body. So how about we go over a little wardrobe guide to make any fashion season your season? But first, let’s cover some basics.

Celebrities with Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Here are some famous people with the inverted triangle body shape:.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell
Canadian model Winnie Harlow
Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones
Hollywood actress Reneé Zellweger
90s supermodel Cindy Crawford
Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley
Actress Demi Moore
French actress Sophie Marceau

Traits of the Inverted Triangle

So, what exactly is the inverted triangle body shape? Here’s a quick and easy checklist that will answer your question :
  • Athletic figure.
  • Wide shoulders that look broader than the hips.
  • Breast size is on the scale of full to delicate.
  • The hips look narrower compared to the shoulders.
  • The butt is usually petite in size.
  • V-shape silhouette
  • Long, beautiful legs are as striking as the shoulder line.
Does this description sound like you? If you are still unsure - we’ve got you covered with our next section. Grab your trusted measuring tape and let’s dive right in.


Hint: If you don't feel like sweating over a sheet of paper, calculating your body formula - Style DNA can do all the counting for you. Simply put in the measurements and get your result in a blink of an eye!
Calculus may not be the first thing that you think of, when you think of fashion, but hey, we’re talking shapes after all. So, brave fashionistas, let’s put that measuring tape to use and map out your stunning complexion:
  • Shoulders: it’s best if you can get a hand with this one. Place one tip of the measuring on one shoulder and take it all the way around the back. Note that the tape should be as high up your shoulders as possible. Jot down the results when ready.
  • Bust: if you are wearing a bra at the moment of measuring, it’s advised that you take it off for a more accurate result. Wind the tape around your bust, but don’t pull too tight! We don’t want to squash your beautiful curves. Put down the result as well.
  • Waist: wind the tape around the waist, aim for the line above the belly button. Ready? Just one more left!
  • Hips: place the tip of the tape below the hip bone on one side, and wrap all the way around the butt.
Now, to the tricky part. We know that the shoulders of people with the inverted triangle body shape are wider than the hips, but how much wider? Here’s how to find out: divide the shoulders (or bust) by your hips and see if the difference is over or under 5%. For the inverted triangle type, it is above 5%.

Styling ABC’s : Do and Don’ts

Now, it’s time to move on to the more exciting part - the style guide. Ready to say goodbye to wasting bucks on clothes that don’t flatter your complexion? Let’s start by discovering what you, as someone with the inverted triangle body type, should stick to and what you should avoid:
  • Complement your natural lines! Nature has gifted you a striking shoulderline, so no need to pump it up with ruches or shoulder pads. You may want to avoid wide necklines that make your shoulder line look broader, as well as patterned scarves and tops. Complement your beautiful shoulderline by adding volume in the lower body by highlighting your waist, hips and legs!
  • Don't be afraid of patterns or bold details! If you feel like flaunting your most extravagant self - go for it! Just remember that details create accents, and for those who have the inverted triangle body type this can be a wonderful chance to define the waist and hips. Simple rule: minimalistic top and eccentric bottom.
  • Highlight the waist. Play with cuts, volumes, draping, details and accessories to add definition to the waistline. Your body is your canvas, so feel free to experiment with different styling tips to paint a new picture every time.
  • A-line is your perfect cut! While looking for the right dresses, you might want to pick the ones that gently wrap around your waist and broaden towards the hips to highlight your complexion.
Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling confident in your own skin. Our quick & easy tips are designed to help you elevate your style and let your elegant features shine!

How to create your dream outfit

We’ve font the inside scoop on how to complement your natural lines and highlight your features with a few quick and easy styling tips. Let’s take it from the top (pun intended)!

How to choose the perfect top for the Inverted Triangle body

The trick about choosing the ideal top for inverted triangle body shape is in the accents the said piece creates. Does it complement your shoulder line? Does it visually lengthen your lower body? Does it accentuate the neckline? Does it harmonize with your complexion? - these are just a few things to keep in mind. Luckily, we have already outlined some basic rules in the ‘do and don’ts’ section, so let’s move on from there.
The most flattering necklines for the Inverted Triangle
Deep and narrow necklines, as well as slim and long ones will highlight your neck and shoulders without overpowering them.

Asymmetric lines will break up the chest, balancing your features. And if you want to elongate your upper body to complement those great legs - pick a halter neck!

Best necklines: V-neck, U-neck, Halter, Asymmetric, Scoop, High Neck
Actress Katie Holmes
English model Rosie Huntington
Emily Ratajkowski
Amal Clooney
90s supermodel Claudia Shiffer

Understanding your personal Style DNA is the key to looking and feeling your best

Best sleeves for the inverted triangle body
Give your arms a moment to shine in short sleeves that gently, but tightly wrap around them. Although you may feel tempted to knock people’s socks off with extravagant puffy sleeves and lush embellishments - your shoulders are your most prominent feature by nature! Additional accents may be overpowering.

If the weather outside is saying “cocoa by the fireplace”, it’s time to unpack the elegant long sleeves! An open volume sleeve or soft sleeves that flare, like kimono or raglan are the definition of comfy chic. Softer, flowing fabrics work best for your shoulder line.

Best sleeves: Dolman, Kimono, Raglan, Drop Shoulder, Wide Straps, Butterfly, Bell
Dolman sleeves
Kimono sleeves
Drop shoulder
Raglan sleeves
Butterfly sleeves
Picking your perfect shirt
Who said shirts were only about the upper body? This piece is a jack-of-all-trades that can accentuate your waist and hips, too. That’s why it’s so important to consider volume and accents when picking your ideal match.

Short hem skirts, for example, can make the torso of someone with inverted triangle type broader. Fitted blouses from soft fabrics, as well as wraps and shoulder cut-outs are your perfect go-to’s.

Best shirts: Fitted blouses from soft fabrics, Wrap-shirts, Shoulder cut-outs
Soft fabric shirt
Cup shoulder
Best T-shirts for the inverted triangle body shape
Pretty much the same rules apply to the summer & spring essential: T-shirts. Stick to fitted models from soft fabrics to draw attention to the waist, hips and bust. And remember to steer clear of baggy Ts and the ones with puffy sleeves. Heavy embroidery around the neck & shoulders might make your silhouette a little cluttered..

Best T-Shirts: Fitted models from soft fabrics
Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who also has the inverted triangle body shape, wearing a fitted T-shirt from soft fabric
Fitted T-shirt
All about tops
Crop top trend may still be very much alive, but we say it’s time to say goodbye. Especially, if your body shape is inverted triangle, because these short pieces take away from your lower body. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips on how to choose your perfect top.

Keep it simple with halter tops, trapeze/circle tops, or, if you like something a little more exciting - a peplum top will accentuate your beautiful hips and add flair to the look.

Best Tops: Halter tops, Trapeze/circle tops, Peplum top
Halter top
Trapeze top
Sweater weather for the inverted triangle body type
Chunky & top-heavy sweaters will add prominence to your shoulders and take away from the lower body. If you’re looking for a way to balance out your look, stick to tight-fitting sweaters/ jumpers.

You may want to avoid excessive embroidery and embellishment around the neckline so as not to add volume to your shoulder line..

Best knitwear: Slim-fitting sweaters, Straight-cut sweaters
Slim-fitting sweater
Straight cut sweater
Choosing your ideal jacket
Got your eye on the classy and chic look for the day? Pick an elegant jacket to project confidence wherever you go! As someone with an inverted triangle body shape, your complexion will shine in blazers that accentuate the waist and hips.

A great pick would be the peplum jacket, the cutaway jacket and waterfall cardigans. Want to rock a straight cut jacket? Sure! Just make sure to pick a longer one that goes down below your hips to lengthen the silhouette.

Best jackets: Single-breasted, Belted blazers, Long straight jackets, Wide lapel jackets, Peplum jackets, Waterfall cardigans, Cutaway jackets
Single breasted jacket
Belted blazer
Long blazer
Wide lapel blazer
Peplum jacket
Best coats for your body shape
The athletic inverted triangle body boasts a gorgeous shoulder line and delicate hips. The right coat will also make sure that these two features exist not in contrast, but in absolute harmony. For example, coats in darker colors will lengthen your silhouette and draw attention to your long legs. Minimalistic collars work best for the neckline!

Dreaming of a stylish trench coat? We say - go for it! Just make sure that it doesn’t have epaulets which are bound to overpower your silhouette.

Best coats: Single-breasted coats, Trench coats, Trapeze, Cocoon (soft fabric, curved shoulders), Cape Coat, Car Coat, Princess Coat
Trench coat
Cocoon coat
Single-breasted coat
Cape coat
Princess coat
Car coat
Finding your dream dress
If you’re looking for a way to accentuate your hips, there are some gorgeous dress cuts that can do just that! Choose the ones that flare from the waist down, because they will emphasize the lower body. You will look captivating in simple cuts like the A-line. Opt for intricate patterns on the skirt to channel lightness and chic!
Dresses with belts will define the waist, while the strapless ones will give your shoulders a moment to shine without overpowering the silhouette.
Mix & match these designs to create your dream look!

Best dresses: Wrap dress, Sheath dress, A-line dress, One-shoulder dress, Apron Dress, Peplum dress, Fit and Flare
Sheath dress
A-line dress
Fit and flare dress
Off-shoulder dress

Styling the lower body

Let those hips shine in skirts, jeans, shorts and pants that bring them into the spotlight! That’s the wonderful thing about styling: you can revamp your complexion however you like. Accentuate your long legs, lengthen the waist or add dimension to the hips - it’s time to become a fashion chameleon. Here are a few ideas for the lower part of your dream outfit:
Choosing your perfect pants
One word: volume. Palazzo, wide-leg, harem, sailor pants, flared bottoms will add dimension to your lower body, highlighting the legs and hips. Or, if you prefer skinnier pants, opt for a straight leg. The bottom of your body is also the place where you are completely free to experiment with embellishments and other intricate details!

Best pants: Flare, Palazzo, Wide-leg culottes, Harem, Sailor Pants, Straight-leg, Pegged
Palazzo pants
Wide-leg culottes
Harem pants
Sailor pants
Straight-leg pants
Pegged pants
What jeans match inverted triangle type
No style guide is complete without the ultimate jeans guide! Bootleg, wide, boyfriend style, baggy jeans - all these flared options will do wonders to draw attention to your legs & hips. And just like with pants, you can always opt for a slimmer option with straight cut jeans!
You can go to town with rips, embellishments, washes and other details to spice up the look! The lower body is where your outfit truly stands out, so don't shy away from all things flamboyant.

Best jeans: Baggy, Bootcut, Boyfriend, Flared, Wide
Boyfriend jeans
Baggy jeans
Flare jeans
Wide jeans
Bootcut jeans
All about skirts
Voluminous and flared skirts are taking the runaways by storm, and no one can rock them better than the inverted triangle body type! A-line, pleated, tulip, ballerina in bold colors are your perfect go-tos. Stick to the skirts that widen from the waist down to complement your athletic body. The same rules apply to mini skirts - opt for the volume and flair, not for the straight cut.

Best skirts: Pleated skirt, A-line skirt, Circle skirt, Layered or ruffled, Tulip, Paneled
Pleated skirt
A-line skirt
Circle skirt
Layered skirt
Ruffled skirt
Tulip skirt
This paneled skirt with pockets would look amazing on anyone with the inverted triangle body shape
Paneled skirt
How to pick the right shorts
Want to make your wardrobe more versatile? Printed and pleated shorts may be just the thing you’re looking for! Bright colors, peculiar details, patterns, and, of course, volume - these are the key things to consider while picking your new pair. For the inverted triangle body type, wide-legged shorts will harmonize the hips and shoulders.

Best shorts: Pleated, Patterned, Flare, Cargo shorts, Sailor-front shorts
Pleated shorts
Patterned shorts
Cargo shorts
Flare shorts
Sailor shorts
Picking your ideal jumpsuit/playsuit
If there’s a fashion match made in heaven for the inverted triangle body type, it’s the jumpsuits and playsuits! These beauties fall gently along your silhouette and emphasize the best features of your body. Just remember to check for the shoulder pads and keep our tips for the neck in mind. Stick to simple, straight cuts or, if you are feeling a little playful, choose the jumpsuits that have intricate details on the waist and around the hips.

Best Jumpsuits & Playsuits: Two-color jumpsuit (upper part in the lighter shade), Wide leg, Wrap, Flared leg
Wide-leg jumpsuits
Wrap jumpsuits
Flared-leg jumpsuits

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