Learn more about cuts, textures and prints that best suit your figure from your personalized style guide. We will make shopping quicker and easier for you by curating a bespoke edit that suits your style and budget. Enjoy your daily dose of style inspiration.

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Find out which shapes, textures and prints suit you most in your personalized style guide. We will make it easier for you to curate your own wardrobe, offering you a bespoke shopping edit to suit your style and budget.

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Larson’s techniques are explored in the book “20 Types of Beauty”. Inspired by the stylist David Kibby’s work, Dwyn created a comprehensive system of appearance types, spanning 4 core and 16 complementary types.
Dwyn Larson’s techniques are at the heart of our work. They’ve been proven time and time again by stylists all over the world.


We use artificial intelligence to generate outfit suggestions based on your individual aesthetic. Clothing is selected from the current assortment of online stores, meaning you can build a wardrobe that truly suits you with ease.

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