Rectangle Body Shape: Complete Style Guide

Did you know that rectangle body shape is one of the most popular among the runway models?(it’s not right , runway models have inverted triangle) hat’s more, it’s one of the most common body shapes out there. Ready to take your place on the pedestal right near Gisele Bündchen?

Celebrities with Rectangle body type

Did you know that many fashion divas, superstars, iconic actresses and dazzling socialites have the rectangle body type? Here are a few great examples:
Actress Cameron Diaz
Paris Hilton
Gisele Bündchen
Actress Kate Hudson
Actress Nicole Kidman
Rapper Coi Leray

Traits of the Rectangle Body Shape

This body type is usually characterized as having the same measurements throughout the silhouette. You could also have heard its second name - the “straight” type. But that’s a very simple description of the incredibly complex human body! Here’s a more detailed checklist for you to consider:

  • Bust and hips are about the same range
  • Straight shoulder line
  • Might have little waist definition
  • Straight silhouette
  • Petite bust and butt size
  • Lean look
  • H-shape silhouette
Does this description sound like you? If you think you might have a different body type, Style DNA is here for you with a comprehensive step-by-step measuring guide! Grab a reel and let’s go.

How to tell that you have the rectangular body shape

Hint: If you don’t want to do all the counting and dividing and comparing yourself, add your measurements to the Style DNA app and it will do all the work for you!
A little calculus never hurt nobody, so whip up a pen and a piece of paper to jot down your numbers and let’s dive right in.
  • Shoulders: it’s best if you can get a hand with this one. Place one tip of the measuring on one shoulder and take it all the way around the back. Note that the tape should be as high up your shoulders as possible. Jot down the results when ready.
  • Bust: if you are wearing a bra at the moment of measuring, it’s advised that you take it off for a more accurate result. Wind the tape around your bust, but don’t pull too tight! We don’t want to squash your beautiful curves. Put down the result as well.
  • Waist: wind the tape around the waist, aim for the line above the belly button. Ready? Just one more left!
  • Hips: place the tip of the tape below the hip bone on one side, and wrap all the way around the butt.
Now comes the tricky part. We’re going to take your waist and divide it by the shoulders. If the difference is less than 25%, AND all of your measurements are within 5% of each other - congrats, your body shape is rectangle!

Lovely fashionistas, are you ready to take a leap closer to your best self? Here at Style DNA we believe that all bodies are beautiful in their unique features.

Styling tips for the Rectangle type

Your body boasts a long, straight frame, so clothes that highlight your elegance would make a great addition to your dream wardrobe. And although you may have a smaller waist, you can always create some curves with the right accents and details! Play with textures and cuts to add volume; bold colors and prints will also make the look exciting, but you may want to avoid placing them around the waist. Whatever look you have an eye on for today, we’re here to make sure you channel your most confident self! Let’s go over a few basic do’s and don’ts to give you a clearer idea on how to dress your complexion best.

Do’s for the Rectangle Body type

There are plenty of tricks for the elegant folks with rectangle body shape to master! Here are a few styling tips:
  • Colors. Don’t shy away from bold and bright colors, especially for the lower and upper body, but not around the waist. If you’d like to create an illusion of a more defined waist, pick a belt. (in dark color)
  • Shapes & sizes. Well-structured pieces are bound to accentuate your features. As someone with a rectangle body type, you will also shine in clothes that follow your silhouette! Jackets with a high neckline, elegant halters and slim-fitting pants are your best friends.
  • Bra. If you like wearing these - pick models that are well-structured and can give both the definition & support to your breasts.
  • Prints & textures. Unleash your creative genius by experimenting with different types of prints, patterns, textures and anything you like to spice up the outfit (florals, stripes, checks, leopard).

What to avoid for the rectangle body shape

Now that we have a better idea of your styling “besties”, let’s also establish a few things that you might want to avoid wearing.
  • Sizes & shapes. Rectangle body type has a beautiful lean silhouette, that’s why shapeless, oversized pieces may be too overpowering for their natural lines..
  • Waist. Bold and bright colors around the waist might make the waistline look narrow. In some cases, cropped tops could also create the same impression.
  • Unbalanced silhouette. While the fashion winds are very changeable, it’s important that you find out what trends will work for your unique complexion. For example, the trendy shoulder pads may make your shoulders look broader and heavier.

How to style the Rectangle Shape

Beauties who boast the sleek rectangle figure are true fashion chameleons! You can add volume to sculpt alluring curves or embrace a captivatingly long silhouette that accentuates the innate harmony of your complexion. But why stop there? Let's turn the spotlight to other areas of your marvelous physique, be it your graceful arms, endless legs, or delicate hips. Envision your body as a playground awaiting your creative touch! Shall we conquer the fashion realm with audacious patterns that disrupt the lines of your silhouette? Or perhaps we shall revel in the game of volumes and textures?
The choice is yours! Style DNA will be your devoted companion on this journey of self-expression. Let’s celebrate your unique style together!

Best tops for the Rectangle type

Picture soft, billowy tops that cascade down your silhouette, effortlessly creating curves along your elegant lines. However, you might want to steer clear of prolonged hems as they might not work for your figure! Instead, turn your gaze to the tops that gracefully cut just around your hipline. Intricate details are a must if you wish to accentuate your beautiful bust.

Best tops: Tank tops, Wraps, Cowl Camisole, Belted, Button-downs
White tank top
Influencer Kate Jamierson rocking a stunning wrap-top
Supermodel Kate Moss rocking a cowl camisole
Grece Ghanem, rocking a belted wrap top
Blogger Leandra Medine, rocking a button-down top

Understanding your personal Style DNA is the key to looking and feeling your best

Picking the right neckline
No talk about tops is complete without the necklines! After all, the lines of your upper body can easily make or break the look (and we’re here for the former). If you’re going for a straighter, slender frame- turtlenecks, funnels, halters and other narrow necklines are your perfect go-tos. However, if you’d like to add volume in the upper body, pick round necklines or low and wide ones - scoops and V-lines - will work best for you. You can also go to town with embellishments, ruffles and collars to help accentuate the upper body.

Best necklines: Scoop, V-neck, Bateau, Off-shoulder, Sweetheart, Halter, Turtleneck, Crew, Cowl
Fashion blogger Amy Jackson, wearing a top with scoop neckline
Fashion blogger Julie Sariñana, rocking a V-neck top
Bateau neckline
Off-shoulder top
Halter top
Fashion blogger Amy Jackson, wearing a turtleneck
Actress Sarah Jessice Parker, wearing a crew neck
Ideal blazers for the Rectangle type
Dear fashionista, what do we think about a chic blazer? How about a crisp jacket? These marvels have the wondrous ability to accentuate your gentle features and elevate your style to extraordinary heights. Embrace the allure of straight, unfitted blazers that effortlessly emanate an air of chic. Picture yourself radiating confidence as you strut in blazers that gracefully flow around your midline, adding volume to your delicate hips.
For an extra touch of glamor, opt for jackets that flare towards the hipline. If you desire an elegantly sleek look that gently embraces your complexion, surrender to the allure of a straight-cut blazer. Pockets, belt carriers, cuffs and flaps will make the shoulder line broader. If that’s your goal, we say go for it! And you can always throw in a chic belt to spice up the look.

Best blazers: Straight, Peplum, Structured, Double-breasted, Moto-jacket, Safari Jacket, Empire waist
Straight blazer
Peplum blazer
Structured blazer
Safari jacket
Empire waist blazer
Choosing the flattering shirts
Here, pretty much the same rules apply as with tops. You want to look for the shirts that create a bit of volume in the shoulder line and fall softly down the silhouette, pulling gently at the waist. Belted or nipped shirts will also work great to draw attention to the midline. Remember that whatever piece you look for, you might opt for the one that ends at the hip level, so as not to make your upper body visually heavy. Length of the sleeve can range from sleeveless to classic long.

Best shirts: Wrap, Button-down, Belted, Ruffle, Acot/Bow neck detail
Vanessa Hudgens, rocking a stunning wrap shirt
Button-down shirt
Belted wrap shirt
Ruffle shirt
Bow neck shirt
French fashion editor Carine Rotfield, wearing a shirt with ascot neck
Best dresses for the Rectangle type
Indulge in a delightful dance of fashion cuts with fit and flare styles! A-lines, wrap dresses, and shift dresses will breathe life into your wardrobe. If you’re feeling a little playful, eye the ruffled dresses that are sure to ignite a spark of joy in you! These could also make a wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe.
Colors and patterns are your vibrant accomplices that will artfully disrupt the elegant lines of your silhouette, should you strive for something a little flamboyant. Besides, skilful color play can create visual interest and place the accents where you want them most! And remember the profound influence of our beloved dark-colored belts, for here they work best at expertly sculpting and defining your most alluring features.

Best dresses: Wrap, X-line, Shift, Empire, Princess Seam, A-line, Fit and flared, One shoulder, Puff sleeves, Ruched waist
Wrap dress
X-line dress
Shift dress
Empire dress
Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing princess seam dress
Natalie Portman, wearing an A-line dress
Reese Witherspoon, wearing fit and flared dress
Model Anaïs Monory in a stunning one shoulder dress
A dress with puffed sleeves
Paris Hilton, who also has rectangle body shape, wearing a dazzling dress with ruched waist
Paris Hilton, wearing a dazzling dress with ruched waist
Picking your ideal T-shirt
For this summer & spring essential, the same rules apply as for the tops. And you don’t want anything shapeless or cropped right above the waistline. Stiff and clingy T-s are hot, uncomfortable and flatten the volume that you may want to create. Of course, layers can do wonders, but if we’re talking just Ts, stick to soft, flowing lines and details around the bust and waist.

Best T-shirts: Tank tops, Button-down
Sarah Jessica Parker, who also has rectangle body shape, rocking a tank T-shirt
Sarah Jessica Parker, rocking a tank T-shirt
This buttoned down T-shirt would look chic on someone with rectangle body shape
Buttoned down T-shirt

What bottoms work best for the Rectangle Type

Moving on to the lower body, there are a few simple tricks you’ll need to master. Some of them will sound a bit similar to what you’ve already learned about the tops (*ahem* volume *ahem*), while some you might find a bit surprising. Now, let’s dive right in and cover some basic do’s and don’ts for the rectangle body shape.
Choosing the perfect pants
Ready to discover your perfect pair of pants that effortlessly flatters your figure? The kind that adds a touch of volume to your delicate hips without weighing your lower body down. Radiate the playful charm with flare, wide leg, and turn-up styles for that oh-so-stylish look!
Going for a more lean look that will accentuate your natural lines? Grab a pair of straight-fitted pants to let your legs take the spotlight!
Add a touch of grace and delicacy with soft, flow fabrics that make your lean figure the center of attention. And don't forget the delightful little details! Look for pants with interesting elements like embroidery, pockets, whiskering, or pleats for an extra dose of flair.
Your ideal rise ranges from low to mid. Also, you might want to steer clear of the high-rise because they emphasize the waist instead of gently defining it.

Best pants: Cargo, Harem, Wide leg, Bootcut, Turn-up
Cargo pantsv
Harem pants
Wide-leg pants
A pair of bootcut pants is always a style win for someone with rectangle body shape
Bootcut pants
Turn-up pants
Turn-up pants
Best shorts for the rectangle body type
Let those beautiful legs steal the spotlight with a pair of fabulous shorts! Unlike with jeans and pants, here you can choose any rise you fancy. While low and mid-waisted options remain our personal favorites, let's not overlook the charm of eccentric bubble shorts and flare shorts. These gems work great to define your waist!

But wait, there's more! Dive into a kaleidoscope of patterns, from playful florals to fierce leopard prints. A splash of color is always a great idea when you feel like you need a little mood boost! And don’t steer clear of intricate details.Whether it's small pockets, big pockets, pleats, or turn-ups, these are the pieces that complete the puzzle, allowing you to express your unique style. It's time to make a statement and rock those shorts with confidence and flair!

Best shorts: Bubble, Flared, Belted, Patterned, Loose, Turn-up, Paperbag waist
Bubble shorts
Flared shorts
Belted shorts
Julianne Hough rocking a pair of patterned shorts
Fashion blogger Karin Emily wearing a pair of loose shorts
Turn-up shorts
A pair of paperbag shorts
A pair of paperbag shorts
Tips on finding your best skirt
Looking to charm the world with a playful skirt? Here are a few tips on finding your most flattering type! Stick to flared hemlines that create lightness to the lower body and add curves to the hips. However, you may want to avoid wearing skirts that are too voluminous, as they may overpower your best features. You might also want to opt for a delicate A-line instead.
Go to town with details, such as rouches, patterns, ruffles, pleats and, of course, pockets - will work best for creating volume in the lower and upper body! Bright and bold colors are always a great choice, especially for sunny weather. When it comes to fabrics, soft and flowing ones will work perfectly for your complexion as they accentuate your natural lines.

Best skirts: Circle, A-line, Bubble, Layered, Pencil, Pleated, Paneled, Trumpet, Straight, Gathered waist
Circle skirt
A-line skirt
Bubble skirt
Carine Riotfield, wearing a pencil skirt
Layered skirt
Pleated skirt
Businesswoman Betheny Frankel, wearing a paneled skirt
Trumpet skirt
Fashion blogger Grece Ghanem looks radiant in a straight skirt
A skirt with gathered waist works great for someone with Rectangle Body shape
A skirt with gathered waist
How to choose most flattering jeans
Somehow, the legendary y2k essential - low-rise jeans - is back from the dead and you, dear beauties with rectangle body type, should be the first to pop the champagne. Still, even if they say no low-rise jeans are too low, make sure that they don’t start too low or too high above the hip. Mid-rise is also your cup of tea.
When it comes to cuts, your optimal choice is the bootcut. Always look for jeans that will elongate your legs and accentuate the straight frame, instead of making it bottom-heavy, like bell bottoms would. Skinny jeans, slim jeans, straight cut - these will look good on you.

Best jeans: Slim, Straight, Bootcut, Wide leg, Bootcut, Wide leg, Trouser style
Gisele Bündchen, wearing trouser jeans
Slim jeans
Kate Moss, wearing a pair of straight jeans
Bootcut jeans
Bootcut jeans
Wide-leg jeans
Wide-leg jeans
Now, let’s answer (and debunk) some of the popular questions about the rectangle body type!
In styling, it’s all about accents. You can create curves, lines, contrasts, length - all with the help of fabrics and cuts. Style DNA is here to help you master that art so that you may always feel a 100, even on a rainy day. Your inner fashion star is waiting for a chance to shine - so let it! Confidence is the key. And remember that you can wear anything you like if you find out your best way to mix and match different items!
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